We provide coaching in high-value situations to address specifics needs of individuals, primarily partners, and groups. We emphasize the practical steps that individuals or groups can take to:

  • Establish objectives
  • Create measurable goals for the short and long term
  • Prepare and take specific steps toward their goals

Our coaching most often takes four forms:

  • Helping partners to improve their skills for developing business, managing associates and matters, leading groups and teams, or managing conflict. 
  • Addressing complex and often deep-rooted issues that are blocking progress or putting continued success at risk. This coaching often includes ongoing “just in time” advice before having a conversation, sending an email, or dealing with a disagreement.
  • Working with managing partners, group leaders, and other high-achieving partners who want a “trusted advisor” to support them in their continuing development and in dealing with their daily challenges. 
  • Working with a team to coach its members so they can work together more productively, resolve disputes more easily, and pursue the group’s goals more effectively. This coaching draws on Dr. Forrest’s expertise and practical experience in organizational dynamics. 

Although we do not encourage long, open-ended engagements, we typically continue to coach until the client is sure that new behaviors or methods have taken root and will persist. Dr. Forrest also acts as a coach and advisor to clients, most often those in leadership positions, on a retainer basis.

This is an overview of our services. Each client is different, and the plan we prepare for each engagement will be based on the firm’s culture and the client’s specific needs.